Mental Golf Coaching

One to One Golf Mind Coaching


Are you?

  • Having trouble with your golf brain?
  • Feeling like you are not playing to your potential?
  • Having trouble with your playing consistency?
  • Paying all that money for lessons and not getting the results?

Do you want to start enjoying your golf game again?  Then book a time to talk with Tracy to see if golf mind coaching can help you.

North Shore Summer Cup Special


Finished your 3 day North Shore Summer Cup event?

  • Not so happy with the way you played?
    Want to learn the steps to better mind control?
  • Want to improve your confidence?
  • Want to lower your handicap?

Take advantage of the special offer for North Shore Summer Cup participants by clicking the link below. Discount is already applied.

3 x 45 min Golf Mind Coaching sessions either via zoom or face to face

North Shore Summer Cup special